4yr old asks Melton Mayor to Stop the Tip

To Cr Bob Turner (Mayor)

I am writing to you today as a very concerned resident of Caroline Springs on behalf of my daughter Ashlee.

My name is Dianne, I have a 4 year old daughter who early this morning asked why I went to a meeting last night, of course this was the Community Meeting regarding the expansion of The Deer Park Tip.  I explained to her about the horrible odour we often have surrounding our home, coming from outside.  I then went on to explain it was coming from a tip and they want to make it bigger.  My four year old asked “won’t that make it smellier”  I said yes and the meeting was for all the people in Caroline Springs  to say NO and to STOP THE TIP!  She asked about a poster laying on the bench and then went away and began drawing.  10 minutes later she came back to me with the attached drawing and told me she wanted to say, STOP THE TIP.  My daughter is four years old, quite clever, very concerned about the cleanliness of environment in regards to litter.  My heart broke when she expressed so much concern over this, unknowingly knowing about the harm and potential heath problems we may be caused due to toxic components being dumped on our door step.

I have attached her message to you as this is my daughters and many other children’s future that may be effected for many years to come.  Mr Mayor please consider us the people you are standing up for, the future of our children and theirs. We were drawn here by the lakes, the walking and bicycle tracks, the beauty surrounding us, like you I guess as a resident.  I fell in love with Caroline Springs in 2001 the moment I began driving down the Boulevard .  1 year later I resided here, now less then 10 years an odour began wafting through, which today is at it’s worst.  I often wonder what this smell is, besides the unpleasantness, is it harmful?  I now know and  like many other residents are outraged that this tip was allowed in such proximity to residential lands and further residential. .  The numbers at the meeting were there last night, their feelings made known about this issue,  I am sure if others were made aware there would have been more.

Please Stop this from happening, it is a very scary future if it is not stopped.

ashleigh stt ashleigh stt2