Let their voices be heard: children help stop the tip

Get your kids involved – it is their future that Boral is threatening. Send their letters and drawings to us at info@stopthetip.com.au or post pictures directly to our Facebook page.

ashleigh stt

“We live in Parkside, I sent this the day after the meeting. It was sent to councilors and the MPs all responded to me and thanked me for the objection letter and said it will be forwarded. Luckily Ashlee was tucked up in bed last night otherwise I don’t think I would have heard the end of it.

She was very pleased to see her letter and picture on the computer and I explained many people can see it there.

Involve your children, we expect them to pick up litter and care for the environment around them, let their voices be heard, it is our responsibility as parents. This is pollution it can’t be seen but their little sensitive noses can smell it and they breathe it in.” – Diane, mother of Ashlee, 11 March 2014