Mayor undecided on 774

Below is the transcript from an interview that the Melton City Council Mayor Bob Turner gave to Red Symons on 774 yesterday. It seems the Mayor is undecided whether the tip expansion would be a good or bad idea.

Make sure you let him know how you feel.

Mr Mayor, don’t let Boral destroy our community. Stop the Tip.


RED SYMONS:    Bob Turner, he’s the Mayor of Melton, he is.  Are you there – no, wrong button here we go.  Good morning, Bob.

BOB TURNER:    Good morning Red. How are you?

RED SYMONS:    This tip is in your area, I’m guessing.

BOB TURNER:    It certainly is.

RED SYMONS:    So this is good news for Melton, a tip fuelled recovery, what?

BOB TURNER:    Could be good, could be bad.

RED SYMONS:    It could be?

BOB TURNER:    Could be good, could be bad. We’re actually going to a review [indistinct]. We received an application from Tract Consultants of behalf of [indistinct] and their idea is to increase the area [indistinct] using for land fill at present.

RED SYMONS:    What are they going tip in there? That’s probably the real question, isn’t it?

BOB TURNER:    I’m sure it’s going to be all the waste that’s been put in at present and [indistinct] it’s all sorts of landfill.

RED SYMONS:    Land fill.

BOB TURNER:    But the thing is, at present in the council we’ll be wanting a review of the whole operation and we’ll be getting some briefings on that in the coming weeks before we have to make a decision.

RED SYMONS:    Right. So we’re at the review and briefing stage.

BOB TURNER:    We’re really at the very beginning. This has been – it’s a new application. It’s got to go through council first. But we’ve got – we’ll be getting briefings on in the next few weeks just to bring us up to speed on what’s happening there.

RED SYMONS:    I could probably help you a bit myself because…

BOB TURNER:    Yes you can…

RED SYMONS:    …my understanding is it’s 100 times the size of the MCG.

BOB TURNER:    You’re correct.

RED SYMONS:    If you didn’t know that. I’m just passing that on.

BOB TURNER:    No, that’s fair now, very good [indistinct] there. Yeah, but there’s a lot more than just the size of it. I mean, even at present we have complaints from residents quite a distance away from it getting smells and also the rubbish gets blown across. There’s quite a few different things that have come up already but we’re [indistinct].

RED SYMONS:    Right, so…

BOB TURNER:    We’ve already had like I think it’s in the region of 17(*) submissions from the public, or at least from landowners around about. It’s going to be a very interesting and heated debate, I’m sure.

RED SYMONS:    I’m doing what I can for the project by talking up tips so it’ll make it easier for you. Although I do find myself thinking that what we used to put in tips was probably a lot less toxic than the rather more complex substances we put in tips nowadays. Don’t know what bore we’ll be putting in as a land fill. But that’s Bob Turner’s job, Mayor of Melton.