Meet Boral’s new spin doctors

Meet Boral’s new spin doctors: Newgate Communications.

Boral has hired a PR company to tell us that their tip doesn’t stink.

In the lead up to submitting a new application to massively expand their tip they want to look like they are listening to the community.

If you want to know more about Boral’s new communications firm, meet Greg Baxter, Partner at Newgate Communications.

Greg Baxter was behind the infamous media release that announced James Hardie’s asbestos victim compensation fund was fully-funded, when in reality it was short by $1.5 billion. In the words of one media outlet, ‘…claims the then $293 million Medical Research and Compensation Foundation was “fully-funded” will go down as one of the most notorious pieces of deceitful spin in Australian history.’

Boral cannot be trusted and this proves it. Let Boral’s CEO know how you feel about their new spin doctor tactics by sending him an email using the button below.


Or by using the contact form below

your spin wont work

If you have any problems using our email form, you can download the text here: Stop the Tip Boral CEO Letter.

Boral screepcap press release circled


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