The Tip proposal

Cleanaway have applied for a massive expansion of the Ravenhall Tip.

If they succeed, the amount of stinking garbage dumped at Ravenhall will double to more than 1.5 million tonnes every year, creating one of the world’s largest landfills in the heart of our growing community.

Rubbish will be piled up to 40m above the ground – that’s the equivalent of a 13-storey building.

The tip will come as close as 1.1km to our homes, three times closer than it is now, adding to the suffering in Caroline Springs, Deer Park and surrounding suburbs.

In 2014, Melton Council threw out an application by former owners Boral to expand the tip. Our community ran a strong campaign against the tip expansion and there were 6,600 objections to the application.

Our fight is on again.

This time, the State Government will decide on the application. Before the 2014 election, Daniel Andrews committed to calling in any application to expand the tip to an independent advisory committee, to give residents in the west a say over their future.

If Cleanaway’s application is approved, it will be a disaster for our community.

We don’t want the west to become Melbourne’s dumping ground for the next 50 years.

Residents want homes, jobs and economic opportunity, not one of the largest tips in Australia in their backyard.

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